So my awesome friend Kevin got two free tickets to the Rose Garden at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Jersey City and invited me to tag along. I’m so glad that I did (even if I did get sun burn). 😉 Basically with the Rose Garden you get a ton of “free” stuff since tickets are supposed to be $500 a piece. One ticket comes with fast pass access so you can skip about 2 hours worth of lines, a bottle of champagne (sold in the general admission area for about $150), free food, flower bouquets, Chinese fans, umbrella, lobster rolls, water, and (one of my favorite parts) air conditioned bathrooms rather than porta potties!! Aka: I loved this event but I’m not sure I would go without the Rose Garden VIP tickets since general admission is about $65 and doesn’t include any of the perks. I also wouldn’t pay the full $500 for VIP (I bet less than 50% of the people in the section actually paid for the tickets) so I guess the only way I’m ever going again is if I’m lucky enough to score these tickets in the future.

Anyways, here is a photo recap!

First you take the ferry from the Statue of Liberty ferry station and get an awesome view of downtown from the boat.


Then you walk about 20 minutes from the ferry stop to the actual event. Everyone is pretty dressed up for the polo match, and I definitely saw some girls wearing flats and the majority wearing wedges due to said 20 minute walk.


The VIP area had tents and basket toss games as well.


Below you can see the free umbrellas I was talking about. They were definitely super helpful since it was extremely sunny outside.


During intermission you were able to go out onto the field and get pretty close to the celebrities that were at the event (like Emma Roberts, Mindy Kaling, 50 Cent, and Diane Kruger (love her outfit choice).

IMG_0587 IMG_0588

We also sat next to these two lovely ladies….who just so happened to go to the same college as me! Small world. (Go Spartans!)


And then, it was time to walk back to the ferry. It wasn’t so fun, especially for the drunk girls in heels…



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