Golden Gate

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted in about a week. I was out in San Francisco for a long weekend getaway. I’d never been to the area before, so I was really excited for this trip! From runs out by the bay to wine tasting in Napa, the West Coast didn’t disappoint. I’ll break up the pictures into a few different posts based on the events. Enjoy!

This post is all about the bay area bridges and the amazing runs I got in during the mornings.

I arrived in San Francisco around 6pm local time, so I was a little tired but wanted to fight the jet lag a bit (it was 9pm in New York). Thus, I took a walk around Fisherman’s wharf and caught a breathtaking sunset.


On Saturday, my mom and I took a trip up to Napa and got a pretty good view of the Golden Gate Bridge on our way πŸ˜‰


And as I said earlier, running along the bay was such a treat. I’d been running inside on the treadmill for months since it has been so cold in NYC. It felt great to get outside and catch a few sunrises too.

IMG_9676 IMG_9731 IMG_9681


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