Grand Central Terminal

I’m slightly obsessed with Grand Central Terminal, so here are 9 things you probably didn’t know about the 102 year old building:

A once-secret passageway connects the terminal building to the Waldorf-Astoria by train.

One brick in the Northwest corner of the main concourse’s ceiling is purposely left uncleaned

The tiny hole in the ceiling on the opposite end of the main concourse? Put there to accommodate a Redstone missile.

The stars in the celestial panorama are painted with 23-karat gold

All the lightbulbs in the station are bare because of the Vanderbilts

On an average day, more people go through the terminal (750,000) than live in Alaska (731,000)

There is no air conditioning — or heat — in the main concourse

The clock on top of the information booth has been appraised at as much as $20 million

Grand Central has four “off” buttons that can kill the electricity to the entire Metro-North railroad system



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