12 Things I Love About NYC

12 Things I Love About NYC

I’ve lived in New York for nearly two years now (more than two if you count summer internships). While I finally have a pretty good handle on how to navigate the city, I still find myself learning something new almost every day. That’s part of New York’s magic. There are several things that remain the same, yet it is still a city that is ever-changing just like its residents.

So, I decided to write a post with twelve things that I love most about this city. They are simple, but that’s the point. As New Yorkers who are often busier than we should be, we tend to forget about the little things in our every day lives that made us want to come here in the first place (at least I know that has happened to me more than once). Below are the twelve things twelve of the things that I absolutely love about this iconic city I call home.

Seeing a different kind of rainbow on my morning runs. When I moved to New York, I had no idea that I had hit the jackpot by moving just a block away from the East River. I’m a morning person by nature, so ever since the first time I took my run outside on this path, I’ve been hooked. I see sunrises like this, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn (and Williamsburg and Manhattan) Bridge, Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. How many people in the entire world can say that?!

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Walking past the Empire State Building every.single.morning. Seriously though. One of the most iconic buildings in the entire world, and I get to walk right past it every morning on the way to work.


Late night taxi rides that look better in black and white. I do tend to avoid cabs in order to save money, but I never seem to regret it when I splurge. Especially when it’s 0 degrees outside.

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Washington Square Park has the most amazing vibe all year long. Situated right by NYU, this place is packed with young, vibrant and creative people getting their first taste of the city. There is often someone playing the piano, kids jumping in the fountain in the spring-fall, people reading on the grass, and street artists trying to earn some extra cash.


You never run out of new coffee shops to go to. Each one has its own unique vibe.


Hidden gems like these. It took me two years to stumble across this street. I even had to ask my friend Kevin where this street was. Since he’s a famous NYC instagramer/photographer, I figured he’d know. He did!


My favorite building: Chrysler. Any time of day, any time of year, that building looks amazing and helps light up the entire city.


Knowing that in a city with millions of people, you’ve somehow made a small name for yourself. Despite what you may think, by simply surviving in NYC you’ve done more than millions of other people. Some make it look easy, while we all know it definitely isn’t. As New Yorkers, we are just really good at hiding our emotions, as it’s in our nature to be strong 24/7 and never let our guard down.


Realizing that millions of people visit this city every year because of all the amazing things to do and historical places to see–while you have the privilege of calling this city home.

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Fall in Central Park speaks for itself. It’s beautiful any time of year, of course, but for some reason fall has always been my favorite time to visit this park. The crisp air and vibrant colors are hard to beat.


Sunrises. I don’t think I even need to say more about this. This picture has already given more than 1000 words.


And sunsets. The Manhattan Bridge offers some of the best views for sunsets in the entire city. Definitely check it out. IMG_8076


2 thoughts on “12 Things I Love About NYC

  1. I love your blog! The layout is beautiful, the content is engaging, and your photographs accurately capture the nature of NYC. I’m planning on moving there after I graduate college and I started my blog, Big Apple Bound (https://bigapplebound.wordpress.com), as a means to document my journey to the Big Apple. Blogging and interacting with other NYC enthusiasts has become a way for me to practice enjoying the present moment as I wait for the right time for me to move. It has been a pleasure flipping through your posts! Keep at it and good luck in the city!

    – Shawna

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